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Home » Restaurant Reviews: Kitchen at Holmes, Baker Street, London

Restaurant Reviews: Kitchen at Holmes, Baker Street, London

Restaurant Reviews: Kitchen at Holmes, Baker Street, London

Restaurant reviews: Kitchen at Holmes, Baker Street, London.You don’t have to be a detective to spot delicious food at the Kitchen at Holmes restaurant in London’s Baker Street.

The lovely Kitchen at Holmes restaurant adjacent to the Holmes Hotel has recently undergone a multimillion-pound refurbishment. And also this charming London eatery still looks new and shiny.

You’ll find Kitchen at Holmes’ whitewashed control panel and simple K logo on the iconic Baker Street in Marylebone Village. One of London’s most famous streets, Baker Street has been featured in pop songs and is the fictional home of Arthur Conan Doyle’s eccentric detective Sherlock Holmes.

There was nothing eccentric about the Kitchen Restaurant. however, except perhaps for the capricious caps of the master detective days that hung behind the reception desk to nod to Mr. Holmes. Other than that, this restaurant is friendly and fun.

The hearty dishes on the menu are inspired by the travels of Chef Stefano Motta. Motta’s cuisine is a fusion of modern European and Mediterranean influences and is divided into ‘land’, ‘field’ and ‘sea’ groups.


The glass doors automatically opened as I approached and entered a large open space with a chic bar to a spectacular effect. Past the bar, the restaurant expands into an open kitchen with a few chefs doing their job against the backdrop of an impressive fireplace. I don’t know what they cook in it, but the aesthetics are great.

The palette of black-gray tones exudes a certain stillness while the feature walls add color. Parquet floors, gray-tone seating and white, gray and black marble tables complete the theme. Holms’ kitchen is sleeker than chic and sleek, spacious and airy.

We visited in the evening and the lights were dimmed to create a romantic feel. 

Food and Drink

The range of starters and the menu of plates to share is enough to excite any palette and it can be difficult at times to choose from. It’s an eclectic mix and luckily they share plates so no need for FOMO (fear all).

The menu divides the dishes into “earth”. “field” and “sea” offer variety to appeal to most people.

We chose five dishes, starting with the simple zucchini fritti – the best zucchini I have ever tasted. It may sound weird to rave about such a simple gift, but these sweet zucchini pieces are crunchy and delicious.

Soon our table was filled with a colorful feast of our sharing options:

A particularly rich tuna tartare, the chili padron is aromatic and savory as well as the moist lamb kofta topped with tahini sauce and served with pita. My favorite is a plate of smooth artichokes topped with a spicy za’atar romesco sauce . A delicious blend of tomato, paprika, and hazelnut sauce.

The “large” main courses feature shakshuka grilled eggs but after careful consideration I opted for the spicy grilled half chicken with garlic, lemon and grilled juice and my companion was the Lake District 35 Beef Rib Farmers. day old (200 g) also comes with grilled juice.

The chicken is well made, tasty and a bit spicy. The steak is cut into thin, tender slices on the palette just barely cooked. A perfectly decent snack that we pair with crisps and seasoned broccoli.

We didn’t drink much that night, just a dry vodka martini and one of Gate Closed’s signature cocktails was the Diplomatico Frangelico Mozart, dark chocolate rum and popcorn syrup. Sweet.

There really isn’t much room for dessert, but in the name of research we shared a great Tirimasu. Every dish is delicious and not a single choice. The setting is charming and the service attentive. This is an upscale casual dining in one of London’s most posh restaurants 카지노사이트