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My Exact Iceland Trip Cost

My Exact Iceland Trip Cost, How much does a trip to Iceland cost? MONEY, MONEY, MONEY! Ha. This is a well-knownly pricey destination.

My Exact Iceland Trip Cost, How much does a trip to Iceland cost? MONEY, MONEY, MONEY! Ha. This is a well-knownly pricey destination. But, in all seriousness, Iceland provides excellent value for money.

My friend Amanda from A Dangerous Business and I recently planned a 13-day road trip to Iceland in August 2022. This is one of the best trips I’ve ever taken, but holy hell, was it expensive!

We were traveling during peak season, and it was the busiest summer in three years, so it was a popular time for travelers (and expensive time for both rental cars and gas). 온라인카지노

I know it’s useful to see what other people paid for Iceland trips, so here’s a detailed Iceland trip budget. I hope this helps you plan your own Iceland trip!

Is Iceland Pricey?

Iceland is, indeed, very expensive. It’s one of the most expensive countries I’ve visited, ranking alongside Sweden and Australia

though I believe Norway and Switzerland are a TINY BIT more expensive.

There are several reasons for this. Because Iceland is an isolated island, the vast majority of supplies must be imported.

The majority of fresh produce is grown outside of Iceland and shipped in.

Iceland, like the rest of the Nordic countries, has a high cost of living. Locals, who earn high wages — thanks in part to more than 90% of Icelandic workers belonging to a labor union

and have their taxes pay for healthcare, education, infrastructure, and an excellent quality of life, find it less startling.

The time of year also has a significant impact on your costs. Summer travel is much more expensive, and for good reason

from mid-May to August. Summer is the best time to visit Iceland because everything is open, the weather is beautiful

there are many tours available, and the roads are in much better condition.

Winter can be less expensive and less crowded, but keep in mind that it can be very cold

and dark, and you may have to deal with winter storms and road closures.

How much does it cost to stay in Iceland?

The cheapest non-terrible hotel rooms with shared baths we found were around $82 per night

but in more expensive areas like Lake Myvatn, that could be as much as $300 or more.

How much does food cost in Iceland?

A hot dog is usually the cheapest item on a restaurant or gas station menu, costing around $6 USD.

A restaurant entree is usually between $25 and $30. The best way to save money

however, is to buy groceries. 카지노사이트

How much does a day trip to Iceland cost?

If you hitchhike and camp or stay in hostel dorms, your Iceland trip can cost as little as $100-150 USD per day.

More realistically, I believe that spending $250+ USD per day will get you a much nicer trip.

How much does gas cost in Iceland?

We spent around $400 USD on gas in August 2022 to drive the Ring Road in its entirety, plus a few detours like Snaefellsnes and Hsavk.

How I Planned My Iceland Vacation

Travel expense tracking is something I’m still getting used to. People have frequently asked me for budget breakdowns

but I hadn’t kept close track until 2020, when I began using YNAB (You Need a Budget) software.

Guys, YNAB is the most beneficial thing I’ve ever done for my finances. It literally transformed my life.

My finances are much better now than they were previously

and I have a much better system for budgeting for trips and saving up over time!

If you want to try YNAB, you can do so with my link for a free month. (They’ll give me a free month of YNAB if you sign up.)

Join YNAB’s live Zoom tutorial sessions during your free monthlong trial — there are several each week.

They are extremely helpful. Also, join the YNAB Facebook group and/or subreddit.

It takes some time to understand, so put forth the effort. I promise it will be well worth it.

Since I started YNAB and Profit First, I’ve been allocating 30% of my travel blogging revenue to operating expenses — 20% to admin and 10% to travel costs.

(You can do the same by allocating a specific amount for travel each month or per paycheck.)

Over time, I transferred that money directly into my “General Travel” category, then the “Iceland Trip 8/22” category

and as I incurred expenses before and during the trip, it was automatically transferred back.

We booked our flights, rental car, all accommodations, and several activities as soon as Amanda and I decided to go on this trip.

We kept track of the costs in Iceland using a Google Docs spreadsheet. We took turns paying for mutual expenses on the road, such as gas

after arriving in Iceland, but we paid for other expenses separately, such as food.

Every purchase was made with a credit card.

Following the trip, we went through our credit card bills

added our mutual expenses to a spreadsheet, determined who had paid more, and Venmo’d the difference. Easy!

We kept everything in USD because it was easier for us to just go by our actual credit card statements rather than going through and converting a large number of receipts. 카지노 블로그

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