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ORAVA CASTLE EXPLORATION, SLOVAKIA, After three days in Krakow, we wanted to continue on to Budapest without skipping Slovakia

ORAVA CASTLE EXPLORATION SLOVAKIA, After three days in Krakow, we wanted to continue on to Budapest without skipping Slovakia. 바카라사이트

We were able to do so thanks to the platform: Daytrip! (Castle of Orava)

Jan, our Daytrip driver and local guide, picked us up from our AirBnB in Krakow —

and we knew right away that we were going to have a great time on this road trip because he was not only friendly but also very knowledgeable about the area!

Furthermore, the way he described Slovakia made me even more eager to visit.

Our first stop was in Oravsk Podzámok (roughly translated as “village under the castle”)

to see one of Slovakia’s “most beautiful castles,” the Orava Castle (Oravsky Hrad).

We began to see bits and pieces of snowscape as we cruised along Hungary’s roads leading south… but when we arrived in Slovakia an hour later, my silent wish of seeing full-blown breathtaking white landscapes was granted!

I was simply taken aback by the scenery that surrounded us as our car sped by.

Apparently, heavy snowfall had occurred in Slovakia the night before

so Jan assured us that the Orava Castle and the town itself would be magnificent… and he was absolutely correct!

Castle Orava

This magnificently preserved castle towers over the village of Oravsk Podzámok at 112 meters

above the Orava River in the region of North Orava.

Looking at its facade, one would immediately conclude that it is stunning—there is no doubt about it.

But one can’t deny the aura of mystery that surrounds it

which the crew of the 1922 classic vampire film “Nosferatu” picked up on perfectly.

Aside from that, Orava Castle is now one of Slovakia’s most important national monuments and the country’s second-most popular museum.

Before I bombard you with beautiful photos, let me explain the various parts of this castle.

Orava Castle Exhibitions

Historical: Because it displays different architectural styles from different historical periods, the entire castle is considered a historical complex.

Things we’ve seen have centered on medieval architecture, military technology, interior design, and fine arts.

Natural History: We saw the various fauna and flora that one would normally see in the Rohace Mountains 카지노사이트

which is one of the most beautiful parts of the Western Tatras mountain range.

Ethnographic: On a higher level, we could see various paraphernalia displaying Orava’s historical culture, society, and people.

The Citadel was discovered in the highest and oldest section of Orava Castle.

This area features exhibits on Orava’s earliest settlements and history.

Today, the castle can only be visited with a guide, and I’ll let the photos below do the talking to give you an idea of how it went for us and how everything went.


For the set of experiences buffs as I do, here’s a worked on course of events which will provide you with a thought of Orava Palace’s past.

1267: The primary set up account of this palace was found during this year;

notwithstanding, it is accepted that it has been now established in the first 50% of the thirteenth 100 years.

Like most Slovak palaces however, Orava Palace was underlying spot of a previous strengthened fortification.

1370: It turned into the focal point of Árva region of the Hungarian Realm given

the way things were viewed as an essential shipping lane point among Poland and Hungary.

In light of that, it likewise worked as a significant security for significant distance traders that are in transit to Poland.

Late thirteenth 100 years and onwards: Different developments and further fortresses were made

and the palace was underlying a few phases, later on framing 3 separate parts that are raised

on various levels of the rough slope: Lower, Center, and Upper levels.

Late fifteenth 100 years: After the demise of the previous top of the province, John of Dubovec

his beneficiaries started to squabble about the legacy — and the circumstance was terrible to the point that the palace turned into a storage facility.

Ultimately, it was paid for by a mine-proprietor named Ference Thurzo who was viewed as a rich honorable. Upon his securing

he and the remainder of the Turzo relatives (like his child György) made further changes and fortresses to Orava Palace

in which they set up protective, managerial and private structures addressing different structure styles like Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, Extravagant and Sentimentalism.

This had generally speaking made Orava Palace into the magnificence that it is today.

After the demise of György, it was given to his girls who shared it with a chosen director.

Unfortunately, on account of the progressions in the economy and the general public, the palace gradually disintegrated.

Between seventeenth and eighteenth 100 years: For various times

the palace turned into a middle for fights between the Habsburg rulers, hostile to Habsburg gentry, and Kuruc wars.

1800: A major fire obliterated every one of the wooden pieces of the palace and it likewise annihilated a few sections and articles in the Lower, Center, and Upper levels.

Years after this event, the manager of the property, Edmund Zichy, began to start fixes and reproductions to the palace.

1953: After a few endeavors of reclamations, the palace turned into a public verifiable landmark.

Today, it is inside where you will track down Orava Exhibition hall — quite possibly the earliest gallery in Slovakia! 카지노 블로그


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