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The Formula One silly season

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The Formula One, Although there will be no more Formula One races until the end of this month, the so-called "silly season".

The Formula One, Although there will be no more Formula One races until the end of this month, the so-called “silly season” has already begun! 안전한 카지노사이트

If you’re an F1 fan, you’ve probably been keeping up with all the rumors and breaking news over the previous week.

Due to Sebastian Vettel’s retirement announcement after 15 years of racing and four World Championships, driver movement and team news are coming in on a daily basis.

Because the clubs have a month off to recover, re-group, and plan for next season, the month of August has been dubbed “silly season” by media members due to

The vast number of contract extensions, signings, retirements, and other moves.

We’re not even a week out from the Hungarian Grand Prix, and we already have A LOT to process.

Let’s go over everything that’s happened thus far:

Recap of ‘Silly Season’ Sebastian Vettel has announced his retirement from racing.

Vettel is regarded as a racing legend. He’s worked with five different Formula One teams and is the youngest World Champion in history.

The reaction he receives at every race weekend demonstrates how significant he has been for the sport.

Before arriving at The Hungaroring, Vettel informed the Aston Martin Aramco-Mercedes team that he would be retiring at the end of the season.

Vettel has been unnoticed since joining Aston Martin from Ferrari in 2021, owing to the car’s inability to compete. It’s an unfortunate end to an amazing career.

Fernando Alonso is leaving Alpine to join Aston Martin.
The pairing of the two Aston Martin drivers in 2023 is absurd.

Lance Stroll, the man with the most obnoxious voice on the team radio, was in one of the cars.

Lawrence Stroll, Stroll’s father, has boosted his son’s racing career through his aggressive investing approach.

In his five and a half year F1 career, Stroll has three podium finishes (all third).

Stroll’s highest finish since BWT Racing Point became Aston Martin was sixth in Qatar last season.

Fernando Alonso, another former World Champion, replaces Vettel in the other.

When he announced that he would not sign an extension with Alpine, Alonso took the silly season into uncharted territory. 카지노사이트

Alonso delayed making the announcement until August 1, causing pandemonium for his soon-to-be former teammates.

Oscar Piastri, the Formula 2 champion, has refused to accept an F1 contract with Alpine.

To stay with the BWT Alpine F1 Team, Alonso demanded at least a two-year contract.

Alpine refused, so Alonso went where he could earn a multi-year contract.

This should not have been a problem for the team given that Esteban Ocon is secure for the time being and Piastri has spent the last four years as Renault/Reserve Apline’s Driver.

So Apline did exactly what everyone expected. Piastri was named as Alonso’s replacement in 2023.

This was news to Piastri, who swiftly and emphatically disputed that he would drive for the club.

According to speculations, Piastri was unaware of the arrangement until Alpine announced it on social media!

The Formula One This is where Alonso enters the picture.

Alpine believed Piastri was contractually obligated to them for another year.

It has been ruled, however, that Alpine did not exercise their option to retain the 21-year-services old’s for 2023 within the required time frame.

That deadline passed on July 31. See why Alonso’s decision to announce his departure on August 1 is so cunning? 카지노 블로그

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